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Cinesamples CinePerc EPIC 1.1 KONTAKT €20 buy download

CinePerc EPIC is the most beastly of the four CinePerc packages. This installment contains many of the largest drums recorded on film scores, games and trailers, with one main goal in mind: BIG. The scope and size of the sound produced by these drums is elegantly captured and mixed by master engineer Dennis Sands. This library includes enormous-sounding single and ensemble percussion patches to give your cues that punch they need. Trailer music composers will find themselves reaching for these patches first to get that larger-than-life sound. Hitting anything in the SONY room sounded amazing, so we hit whatever we could – and it all integrates seamlessly with our other Sony-recorded libraries.

One of the highlights of this library is the ensemble hits portion. So not only did we deeply sample the individual instruments, but we had a full day of 6-10 people performing a variety of combinations of drums. We believe there is nothing like hearing a group ensemble perform together, versus stacking samples together in post production. From low beefy boom hits, to mid range crunchy hits, to hi frequency slap hits, to ensemble metal hits and full range combo hits, we think you will have the variety needed to give your music the massive sound it needs. CinePerc breaks new ground in the addition of a new “LFE/SUB” channel. All of the instruments requiring this additional low-end boost were mixed by Dennis Sands to contain this channel. So, for those of us with a surround and sub setup, you can send this LFE/SUB channel to your sub. Add that to the QUAD mix, and you have a near-final mix for large movie theaters. Along with the LFE channel (on most instruments), CinePerc adds in the standard Full Mix from Dennis Sands, Close, Overhead, Mid Room, Room and Surrounds. When the LFE is created (for the low frequency instruments) the Room and Surrounds transform into a QUAD Front and QUAD rear channel creating a perfect 4.1 environment specifically remixed by Dennis Sands. Check out the link below to see how different microphone positions can drastically change your mix, this also highlights how versatile our library can be. Click here(http://soundcloud.com/cinesamples/sets/cineperc-demos-full-mix-vs) to listen to the difference mixes from “Full” to “Close”.


-E01 Ensemble – Full
-E02 Ensemble – Bass Drums + Crash
-E03 Ensemble – Mids + Highs
-E04 Ensemble – Metals + Crashes
-E05 Ensemble – Mahler Hammers + Stomps
-E06 Ensemble – Claps + Snaps
-E07 Surdos
-E08 Taikos
-E09 Shime Daiko
-E10 Djembe
-E11 Gong Drum + Djun Djun
-E12 Oil Drums
-E13 Monster Hits
-E14 Monster Swooshes

Download File Size:8.1 GB

Cinesamples CinePerc EPIC 1.1 KONTAKT
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