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Chris Tedin


cmiVFX has released a brand new, in-depth video user manual for the Maxon Cinema 4D Motion Camera Tracker. This video is based on the latest, mature version of the tracking module, allowing the mentor, Chris Tedin, a clear pathway to show all the features of the system without the traditional limitations of an early buggy beta. This video is an absolute must see, especially for those of you who already watched the Stereoscopic Tracking video previously based on the first release of the tracker. This courseware has a ton of improvements to learn from, including adding the Solid Angle, Arnold Renderer module and Blackmagic Design’s Fusion compositing solution allowing all users the option to work they way they want. As always, there are plenty of project materials to get your hands dirty with, and to be used for any of your VFX learning needs.

Chris Tedin delivers a thorough job of explaining not only the video contents, but the principles of the tasks inside. Always a pleasure to here a Chris Tedin lecture, and now you can do it from the comfort of your own space.
2D Tracking
This first section of the video demonstrates tracking camera motion from HD footage using Cinema 4D. This will create the virtual point cloud in which the software will calculate the interpretation and relationships between each point, making it possible for a virtual camera location to be generated. Footage provided by instructor.
3D Camera Reconstruction
Now we can reconstruct camera motion from these points and "match move" with the scene, realigning to 3D space, and add objects with error correction.
Using HDRI Imagery For Lighting
In this portion of the lecture you will be using Arnold Light Dome to add lighting and reflection effects as well as utilizing Arnold shaders to create reflective surfaces. Next up, creating the Arnold Shadow Mask shader followed by using Alpha channel and shadow mask material. The same general workflow can be used with the C4D Renderer.
Create HDRI Imagery
Learn how to create HDRI’s Using Ricoh Theta S camera to "bracket" exposures while using Photoshop HDRI Pro plugin to create Luminance image. Also, find out how to fix errors with "content aware" filling.
Using HDRI Lighting
This chapter is all about using HDRI lighting to create lighting, reflection and shadows. Probably the most useful tool for CG artists who are not as experienced in post compositing and color grading techniques.
Modeling A Cup
We create a 3D cup to compare CG elements to live-action objects. Then match lighting and materials to help fool the eye.
Compositing The Scene
Now everyone and anyone can download and use one of the most robust tools in the industry without spending any money. We will use Fusion from Blackmagic Design to composite the CG rendered element with the live action plate then later color correct with the assistance of our previously rendered alpha channels.
Tracking In Fusion
Removing tracking markers with Fusion’s Roto Polygons and manual tracking elements is a breeze now that our data has been collected and organized.
Chicago Alley Project
We captured new HDRI images using the Theta S camera, tracking features, multiple track passes, realigning and "blocking out" features in video with 3D elements allowing us to put it all together. Next, you will create a CG character in this alley, using Arnold reflective materials, shadow matte material with a simple composite in Fusion.


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cmiVFX Chris Tedin Cinema 4D Camera Tracking Plus
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