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Global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc. has released an update to release of its 2018 Vectorworks software. The release includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals, as well as Vision. New this year is Braceworks, a structural load analysis add-on module targeted to designers and riggers working on temporary entertainment structures.

Vectorworks 2018 Service Pack 3 Release Notes:
The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2018 Service Pack 3.
This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.

VB-140224 Crash copy/pasting group object into Sweep profile
VB-146697 Marionette - Text node should have an insert location
VB-146802 Title Block Manager: Cannot change Sheet Title and Sheet Number values form the Title Block Manager
VB-146831 Vectorworks crashes when trying to import the attached Revit file
VB-146846 Slab Components dialog negative textual phenomenon
VB-146851 All Hardscape pavers in SP3 draws solid, no proper texture is shown
VB-146913 Hanging position: Witness lines disappear, appear and change its start point after displacement
VB-146918 Hardscape border background color fails to show when Hatch is used as Joint border
VB-146943 Hardscape Becomes Corrupt when Applying Attributes from other Hardscape
VB-146948 Marionette Object's Parameters Reset When Control Geometry is Edited
VB-147002 Marionette Objects aren't maintaining the same coordinate space when run in 3D vs Top/Plan
VB-147051 Font size and leader line become incorrect when you add an irrigation tag to a symbol
VB-147065 Double Click pop up is empty in the Edit Title Block dialog (Windows only)
VB-147104 VW crashes when you want to customize symbol in seating section
VB-147112 Reference Update is occurring even though referenced dwg files are missing
VB-147121 Crash opening file
VB-147124 VW crashes when you change user folder (Mac only)
VB-147141 Project Sharing Fails if File is Opened With Railing/Fence Tool Active
VB-147214 Marionette; Marionette object parameters reset on copy paste
VB-147284 Vectoroworks crashes when you create an empty script and close Vectorworks
VB-147338 *Massing model crashes VW
VB-147346 Crash after undo the operations of the hardscape objects in attached file
VB-147386 Project Sharing - Class/Layer Visibility Changes Fail to Commit Starting in SP2
VB-147474 Roof Appears Invisible After Creation in VW2018
VB-147476 3D Mirror Operations Fail on Many Hybrid Object Types in VW 2018
VB-147479 Copy from test file with previous version then paste as bitmap fails
VB-147488 Rotated section has cut graphics in wrong location
VB-147495 Title Block Orientation not correct
VB-147497 Title Block Margin not applied after update of Sheet Border
VB-147512 Web View- Viewing House Model in Safari Triggers Potential Memory Leak
VB-147534 Problem with walls after PS commit in test file
VB-147557 Spotlight fixtures will not pick up position name if current layer visibility is off.
VB-147668 Precision of dual dimension broken
VB-147739 Here is a big light plot that is very slow in VW2018
VB-147740 After signing into Bim Object you are no longer taken to the portal page, you are taken to the home page
VB-147756 BIMobject: Get Info Mode doesn't display information for the object. The webpage cannot be found message displays
VB-147772 Different active layer is selected in different versions
VB-147773 VW2018 File open/translate with changed pane projection
VB-147778 Files not opening on saved layer
VB-147789 Marionette: Networks with wrappers take significantly longer than networks without wrappers
VB-147825 Railing-Fence: crash on L-shaped path
VB-147840 Attached DWG imports german umlaute incorrect
VB-147866 VW Crashes After Undoing Visibility Tool Operation on Viewport
VB-147874 Floors from invisible layers export for 3D Web Views
VB-147948 Project Sharing - Viewport Fails to Get Checked Out When Classes are Created/Imported Inside VP Edit Mode
VB-147951 Crash in ViewPane::FillDataSerializer
VB-148026 Control point of the witness line can be moved away from the hanging position
VB-148028 Publish - Custom Sheet Naming broken
VB-148053 Project Sharing - Viewports Still Fail to Get Checked Out When Classes are Pasted/Imported Inside VP Edit Mode
VB-148144 Import DWG File Misplaces Half the Geometry : JBC
VB-148193 Dialog help ID are missing or incorrect for Spotlight dialogs
VB-148239 Incorrect Sheet Height and Sheet Width when create Custom Title Block Border after double click
VB-148269 Marionette: Add Sarah's nodes to SP3
VB-147020 Almost every snapping palette tooltip is wrong in 3D view
VB-147367 GetWorkingPlanePlanarRefID uses gDC, but is called from multithreaded drawing code
VB-60096 Possible performance issue with selection indicators
VB-68823 [PARASOLID]Extrude along path fails with path object and Open 09/30/2010
VB-86824 Maximized document window has inaccessible title bar
VB-86896 PDF Batch export titleblock text is gibberish when viewed in Preview and others
VB-90964 Extrude Along Path Failure
VB-97345 [Parasold PR1866600] Extrude Along Path Results in Oddly-Shaped Object
VB-114255 Close Open Curves - offset fails on certain geometry
VB-114556 Polygon From Inner Boundary Includes Objects on Non-Visible Layer
VB-115145 Skylight Edit Handles Shift in VW 2015
VB-124653 Marionette: names should escape characters not acceptable in python
VB-127339 Trapezium Dormer Becomes Corrupt within Test File
VB-131100 Using "=" symbol in Marionette node name causes script to crash
VB-131211 Extrude Along Path Gives Incorrect Result When Created in Top/Plan view
VB-131303 The Node "Range" doesn't work if the name has a "-"
VB-134114 Crash in TParamConstraintMgr::AddNodeToDCMModel
VB-132089 The Offset Tool keyboard shortcut doesn't work for Mac
VB-137513 BCF-Manager not working properly in a real BIM-Workflow
VB-137522 Unable to load a VR scene onto my iPhone 6
VB-137559 symbols contain drop shadows has some redraw issues when same or other objects are edited
VB-138489 Export Webview - Model size often too big for smartphones
VB-138850 AHA:IFC Data Mapping: "Universal names" instead of "localized names" are exported to IFC (columns)
VB-139552 PIO "Break Opening CW" is not exported in IFC
VB-140444 Quicklook PlugIn locks File
VB-146644 SetPapSize Crashed
VB-146708 Line between two rectangles is invisible in Hidden line.
VB-146902 Snapping Fails in Referenced Design Layer Viewport in Rotated Plan View : JBC
VB-140408 Changing NURBS curve weights doesn't reset the bounding box
VB-140615 Worksheet - List of Spaces of a referenced viewport
VB-141056 Link Text to Record doesn't work correct with rotated symbols
VB-141823 Record formats in folders can't be used as custom property set (PSet)
VB-143900 Crash in PrimeInvalidateCallback
VB-147136 object with hatch fill loses fillSpace when printed or exported to EPSF
VB-146317 Extrude Along Paths Get Created Incorrectly in Working Plane Views
VB-146694 GetBaseDesignLayerScale crashed
VB-146768 Stake objects can't be selected
VB-146838 [ProjectSharing] Working files won't pull all changes in the project file.
VB-146783 Page Orientation turns to "Landscape" when printing.
VB-147135 Railing/Fence Undo Text Shows in German
VB-147184 Project Sharing - Commit is Very Slow When Committing Large Numbers of Simple Objects
VB-147216 Client opens 2014 file in 2018, crash when entering OpenGL
VB-147399 Tapered Extrude Source Objects Get Moved to 3D Plane, Can't be Resized in Plan View
VB-147782 Project Sharing Checkout Slow
VB-141185 VWParametricObj::GetParamLocalizedChoiceFromString returns universal choices
VB-141209 Project Sharing - Energos, Mass, and Force Units are not properly committed
VB-141973 Seating Section freezes drawing
VB-142073 Migration Manager: creates Backup folders everywhere
VB-143456 Web view model takes way too long to load
VB-144021 T01732 Hanging position: Blended screen, LED, Soft good and Video screen don't recognize moving from the hanging position
VB-144391 The quick action menu and the witness lines are not displayed on the Hanging Position.
VB-144486 Braceworks Soft goods jump about
VB-144657 Project Sharing data not transferring across files correctly
VB-144753 2D Symbol Interactive Previews Fail to Show in 2018 When Drag-Duplicating
VB-144799 T01529:Cosmetic issue: Font of the Note section isn't displayed correctly on drawing area(Windows only)
VB-144917 T01798 - Option to Merge with Structural Objects in Sections: Unwanted lines will be shown when merging with a stractural object.
VB-145029 Window in Design Layer Section Viewport missing, compared to previous versions
VB-145180 Interior Elevation error should be displayed earlier.
VB-145222 Marionette Network - Does nothing when a node name contains invalid chars
VB-145273 Previous-Version Files Can't be Accessed Through Pop-Up Browsers on Win
VB-145335 Elevation Benchmark does not support the user origin
VB-145380 Wrong Markers for polylines if the scale of the SLVP ist different to the design layer
VB-145994 Spotlight: Colour field modification by class doesn't work
VB-146012 Title Block Border: No longer acknowledges Boolean fields in record format for Title Block
VB-146065 RenderWorks Scene is not updated after modifying the model
VB-1460774 Viewpanes, 2 are identical saved view, Will not print correctly
VB-146108 *Crash when copy and pasting
VB-146114 Extrude Along Path Creation Fails When Path Object is Oriented Vertically -PR 8353589
VB-146125 Multi-View - Tile Fills Fail to Show After Multi-View is Enabled
VB-146184 Multi-View - Floating Panes Show Black Areas and Displaced Selection When File is Opened on Another OS
VB-146282 TDrawPad::SetCanvasColor crashed
VB-146497 Export sheet layers to DWG error in 2018
VB-146526 Multi-View - Active View/Projection/Render Mode Change in Docked Pane When File is Saved with Floating Pane Active
VB-146540 Multi-View - Plan Graphics Disappear After Switching from Sheet Layer
VB-146620 Project Sharing - "Updating" Dialog Appears (and Delay Occurs) During Commit
VB-146654 crash when opening multiview document with floating pane
VB-146703 'Set Hoist Data Display: Not Able to reorder data items to be displayed
VB-146764 Title Block Border Settings dialog uses document units precision and can create rounding errors
VB-146894 OIP Hardscape controls not working
VB-147131 CreateChainDimension SDK call is creating lots of duplicates
VB-147382 Video Screens don't export properly to Vision
VB-147406 Crash in ChooseLayer stemming from TDataBar::DataBarUpdates
VB-147484 Spotlight. When a second file is opened light instruments loose focus.
VB-147650 Can we create interior elevation form the attached file? Starbucks gets IFC files and wishes they could create Interior Elevations without requiring walls.
VB-147961 Text not showing properly in summarized worksheet
VB-146174 Lighting Device Elements Invisible
VB-146260 Title Block Border: Old Sheet Border graphics shift on conversion from v2017 to v2018
VB-146352 Drawing head goes crazy
VB-146364 Some Text Linked to Records is not Converting Correctly into 2018
VB-146367 File corruption problem for critical customer
VB-146371 KHo - Move Plant Tag (Display Center)
VB-146390 Editing Hoist Load Values Directly in Worksheets
VB-146438 Record Format Cannot be Attached to a Wall in Fundamentals 2018 : JBC
VB-146441 Frequent Crashing of Vectorworks 2017 and 2018 Version
VB-146486 Crash in UuidStorage::operator== from CExitGroupButtonControl::OnMouse
VB-146512 Duplicate Marionette PIO Value Reset
VB-146539 2018 File Crashes When Exporting to a Previous Version
VB-146553 Marionette PIO Script as Symbol
VB-146554 Marionette PIOs Reset to default after converting to 2018
VB-146616 OIP Stops Responding and Undo Reverts to Last Saved Copy of the File
VB-146635 Align and Distribute Items causes Crashes when used on Hanging Positions
VB-146704 Tekton Pro Bold Doesn't Export to PDF Correctly in 2018 / Mac
VB-146721 Marionette Round-Node description is confusing
VB-146738 Callouts Flip/Rotate/Move When in v2017 file and opened in v2018 (and can't undo)
VB-146754 Marionette: Network fails when Nodename contains '.'
VB-146755 Sill settings reverting
VB-146759 Title Block North Point symbol below title block graphics in stacking order
VB-146760 Crash in CWorksheetGrid::ResizeRowHeightsToFitRange
VB-146761 Crash in TRecordItemImpl::SetFieldValueRaw
VB-146766 Crash when converting old file
VB-146779 *Editing Site Model contours then exiting edit mode crashes Vectorworks
VB-146807 Marionette Set Opacity-Node PenParam is Fill Opacity
VB-146821 Text Alignment in Title Block
VB-146929 Crashs on commit using ProjectSharing.
VB-147063 Vectorworks hangs when editing proposed site model contours
VB-147389 Crash in TOriginalFileRenameAlertDlg::HandleEvent
VB-147420 Image Prop command does not create and image prop
VB-147768 Corrupt File - can we retrieve it?
VB-147800 Document Setup command does not work properly
VB-141326 Multi-View Workflow 1
VB-146410 Vectorworks crashes when you have an open resource selector dialog and you switch to a different file
VB-146435 Selection handler that you have to click to open Edit Roof Elements dialog doesn't display if you open Vectorwork 2016 file
VB-146489 Section Viewport through windows in walls is wrong
VB-146505 OIP Plane Menu Doesn't Allow Objects to be Moved to a 3D Plane When Screen is the Active Plane
VB-146514 *Crash when "select item" in worksheet for Truss inside lighting position
VB-146525 Multi-View - Pre-Selection Highlighting Fails to Show in the Active Pane After Switching from a Perspective Floating Pane
VB-146534 Delete Vertex Fails on Plug-In Objects in SP2
VB-146543 Multi-View: Resizing Floating Pane Causes Redraw Issues in other Panes
VB-146576 Spotlight: Edit Hanging Position>Convert to Truss fails
VB-146588 DWG Export - PDFs are lost when document is exported as 2D graphics in the Model Space.
VB-146595 Commit after edit of text in VP annotation results in very small text
VB-146596 Softgoods atatched to a hanging position move twice the ammount of the hangiing position
VB-146604 Witness lines cannot be shown on the drawing area
VB-146639 Blended screen cannot be attached to the hanging position while inserting
VB-146646 Softgoods has problems with some geometry
VB-146667 Multi - View: User Origin Icon Yellow Fill Disappears after Zoom Operation in one of the Panes
VB-146712 Nasty Callout Bug is Back! RC for SP2
VB-146720 Marionette Menu Commands bring classes in with them when run
VB-146741 About Vectorworks Site Protection.app or .exe, can't be deleted the license file using the Revoke.
VB-146758 Marionette: Get Gravity Center node should be using Centroid3D
VB-146774 Revit Import is not checking for reserved names, i.e. Door
VB-146784 *Changing layers in viewport results in crash
VB-146790 Title Block Border Margin Values Not Maintaining Rational Numbers (Fractions/Decimals)
VB-146791 *Project File and related Working Files crash Vectorworks on open
VB-146804 The "Show Witness Lines" of "Hanging Position" does not work.
VB-146818 *Spotlight: Align & Distribute instant crash returns when used on instruments on a hanging position.
VB-146819 Spotlight hanging positions no witness lines and Braceworks says instruments not connected yet they are when hanging position moved.
VB-146828 Tile Block Border - title block graphics pen attributes displaying incorrectly
VB-146847 Stand Model field options fill the Vertical Position field for Video Screen object
VB-146857 Spotlight/Braceworks - Hoist tool: Losing 3 data fields in the OIP after creating database report.
VB-146863 Grid Bubble object is not properly exported to IFC
VB-146865 Horiz SectionVP from Clip Cube doesn't pick
VB-146866 Document globals failed to switch between documents when turning black background
VB-146870 Failure to commit work from annotation layer
VB-146876 Spotlight/Braceworks - Hoist tool uses Imperial numbers when in a metric file
VB-146881 DWG/DXF export crash.
VB-146899 Roof face with dormers change Render mode inadvertently.
VB-146923 Marionette: Regular polygon node crates polygon with one redundant vertex
VB-146939 Unnecessary Message Dialog in some of the Marionette objects.
VB-146962 Editing the attributes of an EPS image causes a crash
VB-147011 Marionette; Option Drag MOs resets defaults of wrappers
VB-147075 publish of sheetlayers is not possible
VB-147134 Project Sharing - Object Checkout Dialog Appears for Newly-Created Surfaces
VB-147143 Web view backgraound is all black
VB-147150 3D Geometry is Disappearing in Some Braceworks Symbols
VB-147155 Unistaller In the Control Panel Doesn't Show the Correct Version of Vectorworks
VB-147159 Image Popup Fails to Display Content From Active File : JBC
VB-147180 Hyperlink tool throwing off the Undo system causing major Project Sharing problems
VB-147186 Wrong Line Thickness at T-Join with lower Wall
VB-147202 Title Block Border Styles Not Transferring Sheet/Project Fields Correctly if Replacing Resource
VB-147204 Blended Screen overlap does not update with certain parameter changes
VB-147234 Speaker Array crashes
VB-147238 Invisible parts of PIOs are exported to IFC
VB-147239 Openings of Symbols not exported to IFC if symbol geometry is invisible
VB-147240 Simplified Geometry cannot be combined with Export Visible Objects Only (Allplan Export)
VB-147241 Hoist Data Display allows no change of order of hoist fields
VB-147246 Vectorworks 2018 crashes on export dwg
VB-147251 *crashes running Entertainment Guide
VB-147268 IFC Export is not working properly if walls and roofs are joined
VB-147276 Spotlight's Instrument Summary failing on this file
VB-147282 VW 2018 forgets the Active Planes List setting when a file is reopened
VB-147292 Exporting OBJ and Re-Importing into Vectorworks Giving Error for Certain Plug-in Objects (Effects Exporting in Top/Plan)
VB-147305 *ClipFaceByJoinedToFace crashed
VB-147311 Some Hatches misses in the exported DWG file
VB-147323 Vectorworks refusal-to-launch dialog for expired evals leaves the user with no easy way to change serial numbers.
VB-147327 Vectorworks 2018 Crashing When Switching to Custom Workspace and Selection Tool Not Selecting Objects on First Click
VB-147344 file crashes when opened
VB-147357 Replace Subscription with Service Select
VB-147362 IWorkspaceEditPtr not registering multiple menus
VB-147374 Keynote Legends disappearing
VB-147391 "Reference" Options is missing from Resource Manager context menu
VB-147397 Crash in ForEachSpecObject stemming from LegalAddSym, LLChangeSymToGroup, and DeleteSymConstraints
VB-147401 Crash in ProjectSharingController::RehighlightObject
VB-147403 Horizontal DesignLayer sections broken in 2018 (REGRESSION)
VB-147405 Crash in TParamConstraintMgr::DeleteWallJoinConstraint
VB-147421 unable to import revit file
VB-147435 Import of DWG takes long
VB-147439 bimobject promobrand doesn't work
VB-147449 Random Crash when creating a new class via Object Info
VB-147454 print date doesnt update on the first use of the publish command
VB-147475 *Reference File Crashing
VB-147498 When the "No" button on the "check out" dialog of Project Sharing is selected VW will crash.
VB-147499 Project Sharing: viewports need resetting after refresh for data to appear
VB-147502 Vectorworks fails to import RVT with 2D views
VB-147506 Revit Import Problems
VB-147507 Save working plane in document
VB-147518 Mesh - No volume when non-planar face
VB-147570 Braceworks report has German sentence in it.
VB-147578 unable to snap to dimension insertion point
VB-147600 BIMobject: No automatically fileformat filter
VB-147601 BIMobject: Not possible to download VW content
VB-147644 REGRESSION: 2D-Symbols cannot be inserted correctly on DesignLayer with an elevation
VB-147671 Primary file and all Backups have become corrupt
VB-147702 Project Sharing: Break reference of symbol doesn't sent to the projectfile
VB-147705 Closed Area is shown as "0"
VB-147731 Braceworks: Snapping Problems with Hoist
VB-147742 IFC Mapping for Door has no Classification but Window does - inconsistency
VB-147760 IFC Data Mapping Space Room Tag not functioning correctly
VB-147762 Ifc Space Room Tag mapping cannot utilise Room ID combined fields feature
VB-147836 Wrong Gardrail in Top/Plan View of Stair
VB-147857 IFC Export of Walls under Roof to high
VB-147887 Export IFC Wall exports to high
VB-147892 Braceworks Importing Incorrect Weight Value
VB-147906 Title block causes unit markers to reappear
VB-147920 Plant images gets deleted on file open
VB-148045 Legacy Duplicate Along Path Tool Causes Undo and OIP Issues
VB-148125 Intermittent Spotlight issues
VB-148179 Project Sharing - Not all working files receive changes as expected
VB-148233 Editing Sheet Number/Title from TBB Settings is slow
VB-148331 Plug-in Styles Not Pushing Changes to the Project File

About Vectorworks 2018. This release is the first in the 2018 worldwide rollout, which will include the release of ten additional localized-language versions.

Another theme for this launch was the integration of analysis and design. With the addition of Braceworks to the entertainment portfolio that already includes the industry-leading Spotlight and Vision software, entertainment professionals can complete their entire workflow, from design to documentation to production, in one interface. Also, customers will notice the simplification of Vectorworks worksheet capabilities, which makes it easier for them to create custom reports from model or drawing data.

Some of the highly anticipated additions for Vectorworks 2018 include:

- Multiple drawing views: Use multiple views of a project simultaneously, and begin work in one view pane and finish it in another. Switch effortlessly between viewports, views and visibility settings — simply set up panes and view them all at once. Instantly gauge the impact of a design change across 3D, plan, section and elevation views, and even start a rendering in one view while working in another.
- Direct section and elevation editing: Edit models directly from viewports: add openings, align and distribute windows, reposition doors across multiple layers, reshape walls — it’s all possible. Change the 3D views while in the section to see how edits simultaneously affect plans and model views. And, create better-looking, more-accurate drawings in a fraction of the time.
For architecture, notable improvements include:
- Improved graphic output for architectural documents: Generate documentation from a BIM file much more efficiently. Improved graphic controls within section views of wall joins and wall, or slab and roof components provides the flexibility to quickly achieve high-quality documentation from a 3D model.
- Robust wall modeling options: Control individual component heights by instance, attach information to them, insert component caps and simultaneously edit multiple selected components from an easy-to-use dialog box. Plus, swiftly make wall graphic display changes with the new ability to switch all attributes by class.
- Easier title block customization: Customize items such as variables and orientation, choose from an unlimited set of information to include in a title block, and use styles to more simply manage many title blocks across one or multiple projects.
- Streamlined drawing distribution: Publish drawings based on issue date and a tightly integrated new title block object; generate and distribute drawing sets, issue information and reports throughout the duration of a project; and automate the typically laborious process of creating a BIM project or lighting a stage
Enhancements for entertainment design include:
- New zoom option for video and blended screens: It's now easier than ever to manage the planning and visualization of video screens in designs. With new graphic output capabilities, more accurately understand, estimate and adjust available throw and zoom, to enable final equipment choices earlier in the design process.
- Enhanced seating section: Choose from additional layout methods, multiple seat numbering options and graphic controls to easily set and modify seating sections from the Object Info palette. Generate more precise seating layout visualizations for an event and automate seating schedules for inventory and ordering.
For landscape design, important updates include:
>Direct site model contour editing: Edit a site model easier than ever with improved site model settings and direct 2D contour editing. Modify each contour line as easily as editing a polyline.
- New import/export tree survey options: Generate existing site conditions from GIS and tree survey data without the need for external tools. Just use geolocated tree species data to create existing tree objects and export back to clients via Shapefile (SHP), TXT and DXF formats.

As in past years, many updates to the software directly correlated with customer feedback. Designers with early access have already begun to share their thoughts on the new edition.

About Vectorworks, Inc. Vectorworks, Inc. is a global design and BIM software developer serving over 650,000 professionals in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries. Since 1985, we’ve been committed to helping designers capture inspiration, nurture innovation, communicate effectively and bring their visions to life. With our cross-platform software, designers can build data-rich, visual models without sacrificing the design process, while collaborating efficiently throughout the project life-cycle. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Newbury, England, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group.

Product: Vectorworks
Version: 2018 SP3 (Build 418943)
Supported Architectures: x64
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer


Download File Size:2.43 GB

Vectorworks 2018 SP3 x64
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