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Pluralsight Beginning HTML 5 Game Development With Quintus €10 buy download

John Sonmez
2h 52m

Game development is awesome! And it is actually much easier than you think, especially now that you can develop games completely using web technologies you probably are already familiar with. Modern browsers today that have support for HTML5 and fast JavaScript engines are more than capable of running complex games that would have been impossible years earlier. In this course, I’ll show you how to create a complete game using only HTML5 and JavaScript. We’ll start off by learning the basics of game development and the basics of how HTML5 and modern browser technologies support it. Then, we’ll dive right in and start implementing the basics of a game. We’ll start off by actually creating the start of a game completely from scratch, implementing everything ourselves. Once we’ve seen the basics of doing things from scratch, we’ll introduce a JavaScript game engine to help us out as we learn about Quintus and start building our first real complete game. From there on we’ll expand our game little by little as we add features like moving a player around and firing shots in the game. We’ll also learn how to create enemies in the game and give them some intelligence. So, if you are interested in game development or if you just want to see what is possible with HTML5, check out this course. You’ll be surprised how easily you can put together a real HTML5 game.

-01. Introduction
01. Introduction.wmv
02. Who This Course Is For.wmv
03. What This Course Covers.wmv
04. Game Development Basics.wmv
05. The Game Loop.wmv
06. Sprites.wmv
07. Collisions.wmv
08. Player Input.wmv
09. Why HTML5.wmv
10. How HTML5.wmv
11. Game Engines.wmv
12. Up Next.wmv

-02. Drawing On Canvas
01. Introduction.wmv
02. What We Are Building.wmv
03. Breaking It Down.wmv
04. Creating The Project.wmv
05. Configuring The Project.wmv
06. Drawing A Border.wmv
07. Drawing An Image.wmv
08. Creating A Game Loop.wmv
09. Adding Movement.wmv
10. Moving A Sprite.wmv
11. Player Movement.wmv
12. Adding Boundaries.wmv
13. Why We Need A Game Engine.wmv
14. Up Next.wmv

-03. Getting Started With Quintus
01. Introduction.wmv
02. What We Are Building.wmv
03. Breaking It Down.wmv
04. What Is Quintus.wmv
05. Quintus Docs.wmv
06. Creating The Project.wmv
07. Quintus Skeleton.wmv
08. Creating The Background.wmv
09. Sprites.wmv
10. Basic Player Sprite.wmv
11. Drawing The Player.wmv
12. Animation.wmv
13. Using A Sprite Sheet.wmv
14. Animating The Ship.wmv
15. Up Next.wmv

-04. Moving And Shooting
01. Introduction.wmv
02. What We Are Building.wmv
03. Breaking It Down.wmv
04. Getting Input.wmv
05. Adding Input.wmv
06. Adding Movement.wmv
07. Adding Boundaries.wmv
08. Converting To Stages.wmv
09. Customizing Controls.wmv
10. Adding Shot Assets.wmv
11. Creating The Shot Sprite.wmv
12. Components.wmv
13. Adding The Gun.wmv
14. Making Shots Move.wmv
15. Refactoring Gun.wmv
16. Cleaning Up Shots.wmv
17. Throttling Shots.wmv
18. Up Next.wmv

-05. Making Enemies
01. Introduction.wmv
02. What We Are Building.wmv
03. Breaking It Down.wmv
04. Adding Alien Images.wmv
05. Creating The Alien Sprite.wmv
06. Artificial Intelligence.wmv
07. AI Component.wmv
08. Implementing Movement.wmv
09. Adding Firing AI.wmv
10. Making Enemy Shots.wmv
11. Handling Collisions.wmv
12. Killing The Enemy.wmv
13. Killing The Player.wmv
14. Ending The Game.wmv
15. Next Steps.wmv
16. Game Over.wmv


Download File Size:280.4 MB

Pluralsight Beginning HTML 5 Game Development With Quintus
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