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Pluralsight Building a Game of Memory with SignalR €15 buy download

Joel Neubeck
2h 19m

ASP.NET SignalR is a library for .NET that adds real-time / bidirectional communication to your web application. In this course we will learn how to use this framework to build a real-time two player memory game. Throughout this course you will learn how to construct a game framework that leverages the power of MVC 4, SignalR hubs and the integration of a server side blackplane for load balancing and scale.

01. Introduction
01. Course Introduction.wmv
02. What is SignalR .wmv
03. How Does SignalR Work .wmv

02. Designing the Game
01. Introduction Game Mechanics.wmv
02. Game Board.wmv
03. Shuffle Cards.wmv
04. The Design.wmv
05. Using Handlebar and Bootstrap.wmv
06. The Flip.wmv
07. Summary.wmv

03. Building the Game
01. Building the Game.wmv
02. Integrate SignalR.wmv
03. How SignalR Works.wmv
04. Building Our Models.wmv
05. GameState.wmv
06. GameState - Player Methods.wmv
07. GameState - Game Methods.wmv
08. Summary.wmv

04. Connecting Our Server to Our Client
01. Design Our Game Hub.wmv
02. Write Our Game Hub.wmv
03. Connecting Our Server to Our Client.wmv
04. Summary.wmv

05. Testing and Scaleout
01. Testing Scenarios.wmv
02. Scaleout Strategies.wmv
03. Course Summary.wmv


Download File Size:462.89 MB

Pluralsight Building a Game of Memory with SignalR
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