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A History of Philosophy, Volume 5 Modern Philosophy PDF eBook €1 buy download

Frederick Copleston, "A History of Philosophy, Volume 5: Modern Philosophy"
1993 | pages: 451 | ISBN: 0385470428 | PDF | 6,5 mb

Conceived originally as a serious presentatin of the development of philosophy for Catholic seminary students, Frederick Copleston's nine-volume A History Of Philosophy has journeyed far beyond the modest purpose of its author to universal acclaim as the best history of philosophy in English.

Copleston, an Oxford Jesuit of immense erudition who once tangled with A.J. Ayer in a fabled debate about the existence of God and the possibility of metaphysics, knew that seminary students were fed a woefully inadequate diet of theses and proofs, and that their familiarity with most of history's great thinkers was reduced to simplistic caricatures. Copleston set out to redress the wrong by writing a complete history of Western Philosophy, one crackling with incident an intellectual excitement - and one that gives full place to each thinker, presenting his thought in a beautifully rounded manner and showing his links to those who went before and to those who came after him.

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A History of Philosophy, Volume 5 Modern Philosophy PDF eBook
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