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Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) by Ashish Tewari PDF m-files eBook €1 buy download

"Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB® and Simulink®" by Ashish Tewari
Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology. With addednum of m-files
Sрringеr Sci&Bus Media, Вirkhäusеr | 2007 | ISBN: 0817644385 9780817644376 9780817644383 | 567 pages | PDF/m-files | 10 MB

This book is a unified presentation, demonstrating that the two disciplines have actually evolved from the same set of physical principles. Primarily useful as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate-level students, the work is also an excellent reference or self-study guide for researchers and practitioners in aerospace engineering, aviation, mechanical engineering, dynamics, astrodynamics, aeronautics, and astronautics.

Key features include
• an introduction to a broad range of modern topics in an accessible, yet mathematically rigorous presentation;
• many numerical examples and simulations utilizing MATLAB® and Simulink®;
• software used as an instructional, hands-on tool, moving away from the 'cookbook' approach found in other works; and
• numerous illustrations and end-of-chapter exercises.

Brief Contents
1 Introduction
2 Attitude and Kinematics of Coordinate Frames
3 Planetary Form and Gravity
4 Translational Motion of Aerospace Vehicles
5 Orbital Mechanics
6 Perturbed Orbits
7 The Three-Body Problem
8 Rocket Propulsion
9 Planetary Atmosphere
10 Elements of Aerodynamics
11 Airbreathing Propulsion
12 Atmospheric and Transatmospheric Trajectories
13 Attitude Dynamics
14 Attitude Control Systems
15 Advanced Modeling and Simulation Concepts
Appendix: Numerical Integration of Ordinary DifferentialEquations
Answers to Selected Exercises
1st with TOC BookMarkLinks and addednum of m-files

Download File Size:9.87 MB

Atmospheric and Space Flight Dynamics Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB(R) and Simulink(R) by Ashish Tewari PDF m-files eBook
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