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The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook by Cameron Smith, Nancy Blachman djvu eBook €1 buy download

"The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook" by Cameron Smith, Nancy Blachman
Add-Wеslеу Publishing | 1995 | ISBN: 0201532808 0201826569 0201826550 9780201532807 | 362 pages | djvu | 19 MB

This book is a reference manual for Mathematica(R) graphics. This guidebook explains everything you need to know in order to use these functions to write custom programs and to get the most out of Mathematica's graphics.

The book is the definitive document for the syntax and semantics of the functions, primitives, directives, and options for producing graphics. It is filled with examples illustrating the graphics capabilities of the software and how they really work. It also describes many of the algorithms that Mathematica(R) uses so students can better understand how to use the software to achieve a desired effect.

Features of the book
• Provides a hands-on tutorial for using Mathematica graphics
• Contains detailed reference information for all of Mathematica's built-in graphics functions
• Describes key Mathematica algorithms to show how the software can be used more effectively to produce desired results

1 The Design of Mathematical Graphics Commands
1.1 Easy to Use
1.2 General Purpose
1.3 The Evolution of Mathematical Graphics.
2 Data Types
2.1 Two-Dimensional Graphics Objects
2.1.1 Graphics
2.1.2 GraphicsArray
2.2 Three-Dimensional Graphics Objects
2.3 Optimized Surface Graphics Objects
2.4 Mixed 2D and 3D Graphics Objects
2.5 Print Forms of Graphics Objects
2.6 Displaying Graphics Objects
2.6.1 Graphics Option Settings and Show
2.6.2 What Show Really Does
2.6.3 What Show Returns
2.6.4 How Show Combines Objects
2.7 Graphics Type Conversions
2.7.1 Conversion Quirks
2.7.2 Saving Time
2.8 Summary
3 Graphics Primitives and Directives
3.1 Localization
3.2 Primitives and Directives for 2D Graphics
3.2.1 Colors
3.2.2 Points
3.2.3 Lines and Curves
3.2.4 Filled Regions
3.2.5 Text
3.2.6 PostScript
3.3 Primitives and Directives for 3D Graphics
3.3.1 Colors
3.3.2 Points
3.3.3 Lines
3.3.4 Cuboids
3.3.5 Polygons
3.4 Summary
4 Commands for Producing Graphics
4.1 Two-Dimensional Function Plotting
4.1.1 Plot
4.1.2 ParametricPlot
4.1.3 Sampling
4.1.4 No Plot
4.2 Three-Dimensional Function Plotting
4.2.1 Plot3D
4.2.2 ParametricPlot3D
4.2.3 Options Shared by Plot3D and ParametricPlot3D
4.3 Mixed 2D and 3D Plots
4.3.1 ContourPlot
4.3.2 DensityPlot
4.4 Plotting Data Sets: The ListPlot Functions
4.4.1 ListPlot
4.4.2 ListPlot3D
4.4.3 ListContourPlot and ListDensityPlot
4.5 Summary
5 Graphics Packages
5.1 Working with Packages
5.1.1 Loading a Package
5.1.2 Packagc Names
5.1.3 Context
5.1.4 Forgetting to Load a Package
5.1.5 Master Packages
5.2 A Sampling of Graphics Packages
5.2.1 General Graphics Manipulations
5.2.2 Two-Dimensional Graphics
5.2.3 Data Graphics
5.2.4 Three-Dimensional Graphics
5.2.5 Mixed 2D and 3D Graphics
5.2.6 Application Areas
5.3 Summary
6 Coordinate Systems
6.1 Two-Dimensional Graphics
6.1.1 The Coordinate Systems
6.1.2 An Extended Example
6.1.3 Display of 2D Graphics
6.2 Three-Dimensional Graphics
6.2.1 Coordinate Systems for Specifying Objects
6.2.2 Coordinate Systems for Perspective Projection
6.2.3 Coordinate Systems for Simulated Illumination
6.2.4 Converting Coordinates From Three to Two Dimensions
6.3 Summary
7 Options
7.1 Options Used by All Graphics Functions
7.1.1 Options for Scaling Graphics
7.1.2 Options for Overlays and Underlays
7.1.3 Options for Axes
7.1.4 Options for Generating PostScript Code
7.2 Additional Axis Options for 2D Graphics
7.3 Other 2D Graphics Options
7.4 Options Used by All 3D Graphics
7.4.1 The Bounding Box
7.4.2 Polygon Shading
7.4.3 Perspective Projection
7.5 Special 3D Graphics Options
7.5.1 Options for Graphics3D Objects
7.5.2 Options for Special 3D Graphics Types
7.5.3 Mesh Options for Surface and Density Graphics
7.5.4 Options for Contour Plots
7.5.5 Options for SurfaceGraphics
7.6 Options for Plotting Functions
7.6.1 Options Used by All Sampling Plot Functions
7.6.2 Options Controlling Two-Dimensional Adaptive Sampling
7.6.3 A Line Style Option for Two-Dimensional Plotters
7.6.4 A Special Option for ListPlot
7.7 Default Values for Graphics Options
7.8 Obsolete Graphics Options
7.9 Option Manipulation
7.9.1 Commands for Reading Option Settings
7.9.2 Commands for Setting Options
7.9.3 Commands for Filtering Options
7.10 Summary
Appendix: Code to Produce the Figures
A.1 Graphics Primitives and Directives
A.2 The Loop
A.3 The Mathematics Ribbon
A.4 The Rotated Text Picture
A.5 Adaptive Sampling Pictures
A.5.1 Sampled Points
A.5.2 Subdividing the Sampling Interval
A.5.3 Scaling for MaxBend
A.6 Perspective Projection Pictures
A.7 The Figure for Specular Reflection
Tables of Graphics Symbols
Suggested Readings
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Download File Size:18.78 MB

The Mathematica Graphics Guidebook by Cameron Smith, Nancy Blachman djvu eBook
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