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OhmForce QuadFrohmage PRO VST AU RTAS 1.31 MAC OSX UB €20 buy download
A Four filters unit that you can assemble in every possible way.

30 filter modes for each of those filters.

Advanced LFO module with 10 LFO types, Sample and Hold and smoothness control.

Advanced Envelope Follower module with Attack, Hold and Release settings.

Advanced XADSR module with and extra Sustain time parameter and an incredibly
handy Sensitivity setting.

Apply those modulators to any parameter you want - even the three at the same
time, using a factor from -1 to +1.

Easy BPM synchronization for all the modulation parameters - not only LFO but
actually any parameter related to time (like ... say ... attack ... decay ...
do you get it ?).

Handful Copy and Paste feature to duplicate modulation parameters.

Advanced GUI full of live-dedicated features, such as flying knobs, preset
morphing, and grouped parameters...

Advanced MIDI support with autobind feature and fast configuration.

Modulation can even been driven by a MIDI keyboard, with either velocity or
tone. In this last case, you have the possibility to adjust the frequency of
the filter to the corresponding note.


Download File Size:30.8 MB

OhmForce QuadFrohmage PRO VST AU RTAS 1.31 MAC OSX UB
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