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Pluralsight Developers T-SQL Playbook €15 buy download

Rob Conery

You've been working with data, but don't know SQL. You have a plane ride to catch up and learn what you need to know - that's the focus of this course.

Working with Tables
Creating a Table
Primary Keys: Integer
Primary Keys: GUID
Primary Keys: Auto-incrementing
Tangent: Choosing a Primary Key
Composite Keys
Defining Columns
Basic Column Constraints
Column Defaults
Naming Conventions
Working with Data
Inserting Data
Bulk Inserts
Updates with Criteria
Bulk Updates
Bulk Deletes
Querying Data
Installing Chinook
Simple Select
Select Columns
Aliasing Columns
Column Expressions
Tangent: Naming Things
Joining Tables
Inner Joins
Left and Right Joins
Full Joins
Filtering, Sifting, and Sorting Data
Ordering Results
Limiting Results
Sequential Ordering
Filtering by Sets
Offsetting Results
Aggregates and Analysis
Basic Aggregates
Grouping Results
A Simple Sales Query
Tangent: Checking Your Numbers
Constraining Aggregate Results
Many to Many and Self-referencing Relationships
Adding Data to a Many to Many
Querying a Many to Many
Many to Many Table Constraints
Querying a Self-referencing Table Using a Join
Querying a Self-referencing Table with a Subquery
Essential String and Date Functions
Querying Strings with a Partial Match
Partial String Results with Substring
Editing String Results with Replace
Fixing Bad Data with Trim
Fixing Bad Data with Rtrim Len and Datalength
Slicing Dates with Datepart
Doing Date Math with Datediff
Summary and Goodbye

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Pluralsight Developers T-SQL Playbook
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