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Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plug In Bundle VST RTAS 1.0.4 €25 buy download
Finally, hardware quality without the hardware

For over 35 years Lexicon has been recognized as the golden standard of
digital reverb and effects processing and has continuously introduced
leading edge technology for the audio industry. Lexicon has again rocked
the audio industry with a complete collection of the finest reverb plug-ins
available. The PCM Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle is the ultimate reverb
plug-in for creating professional, inspirational mixes within popular DAWs

With all the flexibility you would expect from a native plug-in, this
powerhouse Bundle delivers 7 legendary Lexicon reverbs with hundreds of the
most versatile and finely-crafted studio presets, including recognizable
classics from Lexiconös immense library of sounds. Designed to bring the
highest level of sonic quality and function to all your audio applications,
the PCM Native Reverb Bundle will take center stage in your DAW.

Each algorithm can be run in either mono, stereo, or a combination of the
two. Weöve taken the time to add Input and Output Meters in addition to a
graphical EQ section for easyadjustment of both early andlate
reflections. The most noticeable feature, however, is center screen in a
multi-dimensional realtime display. There are three screens to choose from,
all showing different frequency stages of the algorithm to help you shape
your sound.

The user interface displays nine of the most logical parameters for
customization, it also enables you to transition deeper into the algorithm
to edit the full matrix of parameters. Compare your custom preset to the
original and save it off once you have the perfect sound. Youöll also have
the ability to load that preset into a different DAW.

The wealth of algorithms and presets will enable you to envelop your vocals
and instruments with the musical ambiance of panoramically wonderful
spaces. The PCM Native Reverb Bundle is a complete collection of the finest
reverbs, now with all the flexibility of a multi-platform native software

Features at a Glance

7 legendary Lexicon Reverbs

Hundreds of brilliantly crafted studio presets

Graphical real-time display illustrating the frequency stages of each

Visual EQ section for easy adjustment of both early and late reflections

Presets can be stored in a DAW independent format which allows custom
presets to be transferred between any DAWs

Full parameter control and automation

Input and output meters for quick assessment of audio levels going to and
from the reverb

Download File Size:74.15 MB

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plug In Bundle VST RTAS 1.0.4
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