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Gerald Kein Advanced Self-Hypnosis €1 buy download

Gerald Kein

Seminar by Gerald Kein on the advanced techniques of self-hypnosis.

Teaching your clients the powerful advanced techniques taught in this program will give them new fantastic abilities and techniques to quickly become the best they can be!
A unique, step by step program showing you how to teach advanced "eyes open" self - hypnosis to your clients in their second self-hypnosis session!
Learn the advantages of teaching advanced self - hypnosis to clients for reinforcement of the hetero-hypnosis session. Teaching advanced self-hypnosis to your clients enables them to have total control over their body and mind.
Learn how to teach clients to open their eyes while in deep hypnosis and still remain in deep trance. This enhances their ability to learn instantly whatever they read or hear. It's great for students of all ages.
Advanced self-hypnosis enables the client to have the ability to create total anesthesia for surgery or childbirth. Clients learn how to hypnotize themselves anytime, anyplace, under any noise conditions in less than 5 seconds!
Gerald Kein developed this program and is the only instructor in the country teaching this one of a kind powerful advanced self-hypnosis technique.
"How to Teach Self-Hypnosis In One Session" is a pre-requisite for understanding and being able to use this program successfully!


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Gerald Kein Advanced Self-Hypnosis
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