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QuikQuak Fusion Field 2.60 for Mac €5 buy download
Fusion Field is a smooth diffusion reverb that sits beautifully in a mix. A
clean, unobtrusive sound with a natural falloff that floats and complements
the source material perfectly. Designed to imitate complex, natural spaces,
it is also very easy to use. The main 'cloud' display represents the reverb
in terms of time and frequency, showing all the main parameters and EQ in a
natural way. The reverberation can be dampened in the upper and lower
frequencies, allowing soft sibilance and a graceful, lifting air to the sound.
Having very few controls does not hinder Fusion Field's usefulness. The
dial ranges have been sloped to give the best sensitivity in useful regions,
and the whole unit can create short snappy rooms, or vast time-suspended
spaces, and anything in between.

Removing the character of uneven early reflections and various room shapes
leaves the sound pure, so it's able to hold the sound in time. Simply
enhancing the sound image without obtrusive additional tones allows for more
space in the mix.

Fusion Field gathers reflections immediately, smoothing out initial
transients, then realistically diffuses the sound to the specified decay
time. The interface has a logical layout, prompting fast editing with
expected results.

Try the demo yourself and choose the "Fusion Field Full" preset, this gives
the longest decay and no filtering. If you send a short sound through the
plug-in you will hear the sound as though frozen in the air, and decay
perfectly smoothly in about two minutes.

You can dial up any type of space very easily, with the use of Decay,
Spread, and Distance parameters - the algorithms create the suitable room
simulations for you. Complete stereo whitening, even at very tight spread
settings. Incredibly light on CPU resources. It's subtle, but Fusion Field's
unique algorithm creates a highly diffuse and different sound than a typical
all-pass filter reverb. It's very affordable - with free updates.


Download File Size:2.87 MB

QuikQuak Fusion Field 2.60 for Mac
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