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Eiosis E2DeEsser E2Transienter AirEq51 AU RTAS OSX INTEL €15 buy download
AirEq 5.1 - Mix Eyes Closed
Equalizing your tracks becomes really musical and intuitive with AirEQ. Its
transparent and precise sound, its exceptional high quality processing and
innovative ergonomics will make AirEQ your everyday equalizer for tracking,
mixing and mastering.

E2Transienter - Flexible Transient Processor
The E2Transienter brings a unique, simple and powerful approach to transient
processing. In fact it is far more than a simple transient designer, and it can
be used in many situations, including high demanding mastering jobs.

E2DeEsser - Creative DeEsser
The E2Deesser is first in the series of Eiosis. new E2Processors. It features
Eiosis' patented, exclusive processing structure and algorithm to bring you a
new approach to de-essing.

The E2Deesser is unique in that it allows you to separately process, audition
and even route the sibilant and voiced parts of a vocal track: an extremely
powerful feature that has been previously unavailable in de-essers.

This patented feature provides unprecedented flexibility in the de-essing
process, and opens up a new field of audio applications and effects, all in an
Easy and Efficient way. It makes the E2Deesser the ultimate de-essing tool for
post production, broadcast, cinema, and vocal recordings.


Download File Size:88.83 MB

Eiosis E2DeEsser E2Transienter AirEq51 AU RTAS OSX INTEL
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