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Altova Authentic 2022 rel.2 Enterprise | 108.2 mb
Altova announced the release of Authentic 2022 rel.2. This update added support for images in the Project Window. Now, when Projects include image files, mousing-over will generate a preview. Images can also be opened for editing in other apps directly from the Project Window.

New in Altova Authentic 2022 rel.2 - Date: March 8, 2022

Support for images in the Project Window
Authentic includes a convenient Project window that makes it easy to group and manage related files used during editing. Additionally, you can define schemas and XSLT files for individual project folders, thus enabling the batch processing of files in a folder.
Now, when a project includes images, these can be previewed directly in the Project window during mouseover. Users can also open the images for furter viewing and editing in an external application by double-clicking the image name in the Project window.

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Support for additional database versions
Database support in Authentic has been updated to include the latest versions of the following databases:
- IBM DB2 11.5.7
- MySQL 8.0.28
- MariaDB 10.6.5
- SQLite 3.37
- PostgreSQL 14.1
Integration with latest Visual Studio and Eclipse versions
Authentic can be integrated in the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs, with support added for the latest versions:
- Eclipse 4.22
- Visual Studio 2022

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Altova Authentic is a powerful XML content authoring tool and document editor for non-technical users. With Authentic enterprise forms, business users can query and create content using familiar conventions from existing business forms and office productivity applications, without being exposed to the underlying XML or relational database technology.

XML Editor: Grid View

Editing XML in a graphical grid view offers functionality that's not available in a text editor alone. XML Grid in XMLSpy has been completely rebuilt with new tools including filters and functions, charts and graphs, automatic image viewing, and more, to help you get even more value from your XML data.
Altova is a software company offering specialized tools for both developers and business users. The creator of XMLSpy, MapForce and other award-winning products, Altova is a key player in the software tools industry and the leader in XML and JSON solution development tools. The company offers a complete line of desktop developer software for XML, JSON, SQL, and UML; high-performance workflow automation server products; and a cross-platform mobile and enterprise app development platform. In addition, the Altova Cloud offers complete SaaS apps that make working with complex technologies easy for business users. Founded in 1992, Altova is headquartered in Beverly,
Massachusetts and Vienna, Austria.

Product: Altova Authentic
Version: 2022 rel.2 Enterprise
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.altova.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 108.2 mb

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Download File Size:105.63 MB

Altova Authentic 2022 rel.2 Enterprise
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