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Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001 | 12.6 Gb
Cadence Design Systems, Inc., a leader in global electronic design innovation, is pleased to announce the availability of Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001 (22.10.100) is a supplier of software for IC package physical design and for analyzing power integrity and signal integrity.

Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 Release notes - Date: March 2022 Systems Analysis 2022.1

Celsius Thermal Solver

- Viscoelastic Material Properties Added to the Material Manager: You can now define viscoelastic properties of materials to study the structural response of your design with respect to stress and temperature. In Celsius, viscoelastic properties are represented by the Prony series calculations, as per the following expression:
Where G0 is the instantaneous shear relaxation moduli, Gi is the Prony series coefficient, and τi is the relaxation time for each Prony component.
- Temperature-Dependent Dissipation Curves Added: You can now define temperature-dependent dissipation curves in the Celsius Solid Objects Simulation for 3D Structures and Celsius Fluid Flow Simulation modules. You can then use this curve data when specifying power for the static 2D and 3D heat sources.
- Plots Enhancements: The following improvements have been made in the simulation results plots in the Celsius Solid Objects Simulation for 3D Structures and Celsius Fluid Flow Simulation modules for improved usability
. All curve items are now plotted in different colors
. Curve results can now be exported to a .csv file using the Export CSV option in the context menu
. The scale of the plot axis can now be updated by double-clicking the axis and specifying new values for the X and Y axis
- Task Assistant Implemented for Solver Options Form: A new help tool called Task Assistant, has been implemented in the Solver Options form in the Celsius Fluid Flow Simulation module. Task Assistant provides a quick overview of the tasks in the context of the action you are currently performing. It provides help information for the possible "how to" questions that you would have in mind while setting up the solver options for a simulation run.
- Sweep Parameter Enhancements: In the Celsius Solid Objects Simulation for 3D Structures and Celsius Fluid Flow Simulation modules, the parameterization support has been extended to include other objects in addition to boundary conditions and material properties. The objects and boundary conditions that support parameterization are: Static Power and Temperature, Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC), VRM/Sink Patch, Component Thermal Models, Surface and Volume Seeding, and Simulation Options. In addition, the Celsius Fluid Flow Simulation module supports the parametrization of Flow resistance, Chamber and Chassis Attributes, Fan (construction and cooling) Properties, Mesh Refinement, and Liquid Cooling.

Clarity 3D Solver

- New Meshing Algorithm Introduced: Clarity 3D Layout now supports a new meshing algorithm, LMesh. LMesh is much faster than XMesh and is specifically designed for layer-based structures (PCB, PKG, interposer/IC).
- Area Ports Enhanced: In Clarity 3D Layout, area ports can now be defined as horizontal lumped gap ports or coaxial ports. You can now also specify the distance between the positive nodes. If the distance between the two positive nodes is within the specified value, only one of them is used to create the port.
- Post-Processing GUI Developed in Clarity3DWorkbench for Better Visualization of the Field Quantities: For better and enhanced visualization of the field quantities, a new GUI is now available that enables you to perform operations, such as plotting on a slice, line, and points on the 3D objects and also plot multiple field quantities. All the capabilities from the legacy field plots have been transferred to the new post-processing GUI. The new post-processor can now handle large .R3D files and designs with ease and overcomes the GUI latency when changing the port or frequency, or performing any operation in the legacy flow.
- Support for Wave Ports Added in Clarity 3D Workbench: Clarity 3D Workbench has been enhanced to support wave ports. A wave port represents the excitation from a semi-infinite waveguide whose cross-section is the same as the wave surface. It is more accurate than a lumped port because the excitation field pattern is calculated from the cross section. As a result, it is closer to the real excitation and does not introduce any additional parasitic effect.
- 3D Component Updates: For the encrypted 3D Components the mesh and field results are now not visible for the hidden parts during post-processing in Clarity 3D Workbench. This helps vendor companies to protect their IP when sharing their components (such as 3D capacitors, 3D inductors, 3D connectors and off-the-shelf antennas) to hide the inner details of the design, but at the same time enables their customers to use the components and run the 3DEM simulations.

Sigrity 2022.1


- S-parameter Simulation Methodology Enhanced : The S-parameter simulation methodology has been enhanced to reduce the run time. Depending upon the actual cases, performance improvement can be up as much as 50 percent.
- Sparse SPICE Circuits Algorithm Enhanced: The algorithm used in solving sparse SPICE circuits is enhanced by the new multi-threading architecture and matrix partition solver. It can help to increase the simulation speed of sparse SPICE circuits by two to four times.

Layout Workbench Enhancements

- Die Stack Functionality Added: Layout Workbench now supports the Die Stack functionality that lets you review and edit the die stacking information in a design. You can now view die stacking information, such as the attachment type, orientation, pad height, and placement sequence, in a design. In addition, this functionality helps you edit and view the thickness of the design on a real-time basis.
Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001 Release notes - Date: April 2022 Release Highlights

Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF1
Note: The Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF1 release is largely focused on fixing existing bugs and offers a limited set of new features.

Documentation Updates

Products with no What’s New Information
No major enhancements that qualify to be listed in the What's New document were made for the following products:
- Clarity 3D Layout
- Clarity 3D Workbench
- Clarity 3D Transient Solver
- Celsius Thermal Solver
- PowerSI
- Broadband SPICE
- OptimizePI
- T2B
- Translators
- XcitePI
- XtractIM
- PowerDC

Sigrity Common Tools

Tcl Command Updates

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Cadence Sigrity provides a rich set of gigabit signal and power network analysis technologies, including a unique power-aware signal integrity analysis capability for system, printed circuit board (PCB), and IC package designs. The combination of Sigrity analysis technologies with Cadence Allegro and OrCAD design tools will provide a comprehensive front-to-back integrated flow to enable system and semiconductor companies to deliver high-performance devices employing gigabit interface protocols such as DDR and PCI Express. The integrated solution will particularly benefit customers delivering electronic systems in high-growth markets such as mobile multimedia devices and cloud computing infrastructure.

Cadence Sigrity accurate signal integrity analysis for PCB

Here we see Cadence Sigrity in action. A thorough sign off tool dealing with signal integrity and power integrity at the PCB and IC Package level.
Cadence enables global electronic design innovation and plays an essential role in the creation of today’s integrated circuits and electronics. Customers use Cadence software, hardware, IP and services to design and verify advanced semiconductors, consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment, and computer systems. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with sales offices, design centers and research facilities around the world to serve the global electronics industry.

Product: Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis
Version: 2022.1 HF001 (22.10.100) *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.cadence.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows *
Size: 12.6 Gb

* release info: Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001 (22.10.100)
Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001 (22.10.100) Update Only
** System Requirements: × Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001 Close
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Download File Size:11.97 GB

Cadence Sigrity and Systems Analysis 2022.1 HF001
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