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I Think Therefore I Laugh by John Allen Paulos PDF eBook €1 buy download
Brian Butterworth, author of What Counts: How Every Brain is Hardwired for Math
Wittgenstein once remarked that 'a serious and good philosophical work could be written
that consisted entirely of jokes'. Inspired by this idea, John Allen Paulos shows how
conceptual humour and analytic philosophy resonate at a very deep level.

Both evince a keen concern for language and its (mis)interpretations; both require a free
intelligence in a relatively open society, as well as a sceptical tendency towards debunking;
and both are quintessentially human.
"I Think, Therefore I Laugh" is packed with jokes, stories, parables, puzzles and anecdotes,
all of which relate in one way or another to various philosophical problems, leading to some
unexpected insights.

Download File Size:12.42 MB

I Think Therefore I Laugh by John Allen Paulos PDF eBook
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