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Springer Reverse Engineering of Object Oriented Code Monographs in Computer Science eBook €10 buy download

During maintenance of a software system, not all questions can be answered
directly by resorting to otherwise reliable and accurate source code. Reverse
engineering aims at extracting abstract, goal-oriented views of the system,
able to summarize relevant properties of the program's computations. Reverse
Engineering of Object-Oriented Code provides a comprehensive overview of
several techniques that have been recently investigated in the field of
reverse engineering. The book describes the algorithms involved in recovering
UML diagrams from the code and the techniques that can be adopted for their
visualization. This is important because the UML has become the standard for
representing design diagrams in object-oriented development. A state-of-the-
art exposition on how to design object-oriented code and accompanying
algorithms that can be reverse engineered for greater flexibility in future
code maintenance and alteration. Essential object-oriented concepts and
programming methods for software engineers and researchers.


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Springer Reverse Engineering of Object Oriented Code Monographs in Computer Science eBook
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