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I Can Read You Like a Book by Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch PDF eBook €1 buy download
How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People Are Really Sending With Their Body Language

Are you in business, journalism, law enforcement, or medicine?
Do you face students in a classroom or criminals in a courtroom?
Are you in a relationship or looking for one?
Do you have children?
Then you need the skills to read them like a book! I Can Read You Like a Book features
a system for scanning and interpreting anyone's body language, enabling you to figure out
what they are really saying or feeling:

Review: Check out someone quickly, from head to toe.
Evaluate: Know what to look for; notice what's relevant.
Analyze: Spot voluntary versus involuntary movements; factor in gender, context, culture.
Decide: Draw your conclusion.

Step-by-step, you will develop the same skills the best interrogators and detectives use
to assess spies, criminals, and witnesses. As part of the process, you will observe some
of the most famous people in the world through interrogator Greg Hartley's eyes. You'll
discover what emotions these politicians, pundits, and stars are leaking through their
body language and facial expressions, and what their answers (or non-answers) are really

I Can Read You Like a Book gives you the fastest, most efficient method to read body
language. In any kind of face-to-face competition, first encounters or daily encounters,
and even watching the news, you will spot the messages and emotions that people are
really sending--whether they know it or not.

As a bonus, you will learn how to use your own face and body to your advantage,
whether you're trying to evade a difficult question, handle a sensitive situation,
or just playing poker!

Download File Size:12.82 MB

I Can Read You Like a Book by Gregory Hartley and Maryann Karinch PDF eBook
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